Music with Steve

June 7, 2023

Music with Steve is always a hit, everyone enjoys participating by either playing a musical instrument, choosing a song, singing, or dancing. Jarrod chose his favourite song "Driving in my Car

Lamb Feeding

November 3, 2023

September has been a great month for lamb feeding at Omana and Duders. Several groups have been out to help feed over the last month. Yo'Kym, Rudolf and Bingky all enjoyed how hungry the little lambs were and how fast they could drink their milk

Education Centre

July 26, 2023

Gregory is breaking down sugar cane for compost at the Botanical Gardens, he enjoyed using the saw and other garden tools, as part of the volunteer group at the gardens.

A Day of Bowling

June 7, 2023

We have recently started playing bowls at the Howick Bowling Club, Kirstie tried to see how close she could get her ball to the Jack, while Lisa liked to beat her competitors to win the game.